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Hello stranger :) I'm Nupur Dave, a global citizen-- grew up in Indiastudied in the US and worked at Google for most of my professional life. After 13 years in 'merica, I am back In India .... permanently?.... temporarily? *shrug*. I don't know. 


What I do know, is that I am as much an engineer, as I am a writer. Actually, I am what you call, a 'multi-potential-ite'. I have various interests, both creative and analytical. 


And I tell you. It sucks!

Because I want to try it all!


I have been (along with my full time job) consulting NRI's to return to India (or not return), writing a book, my blog, photographing food, chasing fitness, daily yog kriya, trying new diets, and new travels. Gosh :). This website, 'khaanebhidoyaaron', dutifully named by my dad, is a distillation of some of these pursuits.

So subscribeadd me on Linkedin, or send me a message from below. Tell me more about yourself. 



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