Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta


Sooooooooooo, for this recipe, I cut onions nice and small. Then I added cumin, ginger, green chillies (cut in half), turmeric, dhaniya.. Do I really have to type all that out? <groan> This is not a food blog <ईतरा के बोल राही हू :)>


Add the finely cut onions and then the finely chopped tomatoes

 WAIT. Before you do all this, you have to stab a few brinjals, cover them with oil and put them in the oven.


one hour




-> ONE HOUR <-

You got that right, honeylove. One hour. Now don't look at me like that. 


It looks yuck when its done. 

Even yuckier. Like non-veg. (Sorry non-veg readers). 


I mashed it up with my pav-bhaaji masher to take out all the lumps. This was good fun. 

सब गुस्सा निकाल दिया बेचारे बैंगन पे :)


Finally I added this mash to the curry and added coriander with it as well. Then i cooked it for another 5-8 minutes.